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  • War of the Wyrms

    The war between the [[Metallic Dragons]] and [[Chromatic Dragons]] that began after the destruction of the [[Valossian Empire]]. The peoples of Quartos started their own civilizations. [[Tiamat]] wished to conquer the developing nations and claim the …

  • Yg

    [[File:394311 | class=media-item-align-right | 200x300px | yg.jpg]] The first serpent and father of the world. He created the world with [[Myr]], the mother of the ocean. His brother, [[The Sun|Ras]] watches over his slumber while [[The Moon|Lum]] …

  • Metallic Dragons

    Bahamut had four children. Each child was the first metallic dragon of its kind and founded one of the [[Four Winds]]. h2. Gold Dragons Duen was the first of his kind. h2. Silver Dragons Ere was the first of her kind. h2. Bronze Dragons …

  • Bahamut

    [[File:398743 | class=media-item-align-left | 300x200px | Alpha_Bahamut.jpg]]Son of [[Yg]] and [[Myr]]. Father of the [[Metallic Dragons]]. Protector of [[Quarto]].

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