The 20 divine figures that offer their patronage to clerics. While they cannot directly intervene in matters on Quarto, they give their clerics free reign to interpret their will. Clerics are trusted with the true name of the Divinity they serve, which gives their prayers power.

The Divinities are most strongly worshiped in Dueno and their roots stem from the old Dwarven gods. Most have different aspects that find preferred worship by certain people or as reborn versions of ancient racial gods.

Holy Symbols

Each Divinity corresponds to a constellation in the night sky. Followers of a Divinity wear the constellation as a symbol of their devotion, often using precious stones to mark the stars that make up the pattern.

Celestines are usually made from precious metals, ending in a clasp fashioned into the symbol of the Moon or the Sun. They are a string of



Clerics devote themselves to one Divinity over all others, while most others pray to whichever gods will listen or will assist in a time of need. In return, they gain access to the domains of the Divinity they channel in the form of powers and spells


Celestines, chains connected by precious stones, are laid out in a manner to match the starfield of the Divinity the petitioner wishes to reach.

The Divinities

The Fool
The Mage
The Speaker
The Emperor
The Diplomat
The Lover
The Captain
The Judge
The Hermit
The Orphan
The Stonecutter
The Hanged
The Whisperer
The Beast
The Sentinel
The Seeker
The Beggar
The Choir
The Moon
The Sun


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