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It is the year 690.

Nearly 700 years ago, the leaders of the Chromatic and Metallic dragons ended the War of the Wyrms before it destroyed all of Quarto. Bahamut could not slay his sister Tiamat, instead exiling her kind and freeing those she enslaved to live and rule themselves.

Climb The Rigging

The half-elf explorer Vatenza Bloom discovered a new world in the year 429. She sailed through the Serpent’s Teeth to discover a series of islands full of ancient ruins and legendary treasure. The Shackles link Quarto to Koatoal, where dwarven treasure fleets bring back holds full of gold and treasures plundered from the Orzec Empire.

Set Your Compass

The Shining Seas are full of dangers, treasures, pirates, privateers, cults, dragons and all the things an adventurer needs to keep life from being boring. With the devil’s luck, the drive to live free and the blessings of the Divinities, you can leave Quarto a simple sailor and come back a legend.

Make Your Mark

Join your fellow lubbers in Freeport to sign on as swabbies to get out onto the sea. If you survive long enough you may take command of your own vessel and live like kings on the open waves.

Main Page

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