The continent from which many of the races hail. It is currently divided between four nations, called the Continental Crowns. Each nation was named for one of the original Metallic Dragons.


A traditional country bound to Rex Divinitas, a king chosen by the gods. It is the largest naval power in the Southern Seas. Dueno sends galleons to make war with the Orcan Empire and receives treasure ships full of gold as triumph.


Ruled by elves for hundreds of years. The courts of Spring, Autumn and Winter jockey for position with the other nations, while the Summer court tries to make a case for itself as the youngest.


A pastoral island united under Rhiannon I, a shrewd Queen and a powerful Warlock. Rather than nobility or bloodline, Her Majesty keeps the Parliament of Sigils as her council, give those a chance who master arcane secrets a chance to rule.


A nation formed from the wreckage of the War of the Wyrms. Two people thrown together into harsh swampland by the destruction of their home now roar forth as an economic powerhouse. The halflings of the Sunfleet bring the exotic goods of The Shackles back to the Crown under the protection of Kolter’s gnomish cannons.


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