Races of Wyrmwind

The Crowned


Clinging to their past glories from the War. The four courts, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, vie with one another to permanently become the Court of the Sun.


The strongest naval presence in the Shackles, bringing their craftmanship to sea vessels and far-flung mines.


Young upstarts coming into their own after the War. They hold the youngest Crown, and certainly the boldest.


Relocated to awful swamplands by the War. Now merchant princes that bring the goods of the Shining Seas back home to the Continent.

The Free Peoples


Soldiers bred for the War of the Wyrms who rebelled against their creators to turn the tide of the war.


Extraplanar refugees whose prison ship now exists as the island port of Faro-Qua. They made themselves mortal to escape their infernal tormentors but a part still exists inside.


Itinerant relatives of the Halflings forced to live with them in the swamps of Vutlund


Orcs that have been cast out from Koatoal that must purify themselves before returning.

The Shackled


Avian humanoids native to the islands whose brightly-colored wings allow them to fly.


Giant tree people with a strange connection to the islands.


Elemental slaves of the Azlanti left to wander after their disappearance.

Races of Wyrmwind

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