The Shackles

A chain of islands linking The Continent with Koatoal. The islands were discovered by Vatenza Bloom, though have not been fully explored or cataloged.


Freeport is the gateway to the islands for anyone from Quatro. The Sea Drakes patrol the waters, selling their services as a mercenary fleet to the highest bidding Crown.

Valanna is the largest colony in the islands, marking the midway point between Quarto and Pashas.

The exotic port of Faro-Qua exists as the home of the Teifang in this world and as a lawless port where anything can be bought or sold.

Redcliff marks the first stop of the Treasure Fleet and The Continent’s direct influence on the islands. Though it can see the coastline of Koatoal, any attempts to colonize the mainland have been pushed back by the Orzec hordes.

The secret pirate haven Port Peril exists on the mainland. So long as the Storm Lords harass the Treasure Fleet, the Orzecs are willing to part with some of their riches to see dwarven galleons slip below the waves.

The Shackles

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