The first serpent and father of the world. He created the world with Myr, the mother of the ocean. His brother, Ras watches over his slumber while Lum plots his ultimate destruction.

His child Bahamut was the first dragon. The power displayed by the young dragon scared Yg. He consumed Bahamut’s five sisters hoping to gain their power to defeat his son in a duel. Instead, the sisters merged into the form of Tiamat and burst from their father’s belly during the battle, sending Yg crashing into the ocean and the arms of Myr. She put him to sleep to stop his pain.

The serpent people of the Valossian Empire tried to awaken Yg as their god to destroy the world he created with Myr. They claimed he spoke to their oracles in dreams, driving them mad with the rage he felt in the betrayal of his children and his lover. The dragons laid waste to the empire, fighting beside each other for the first and last time. Yg sleeps still, though rumors of cults still seeking to awaken Yg and end the world continue to this day.


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