Rhiannon I

Jennifer Higgins as Rhiannon I

Rhiannon I ascended the throne at 16 in the year 582, she took her name from Rhia. This gave the queen the nickname “The Dragon’s Daughter” or, to those who view her and her nation as enemies “that lizard bitch”.

Though she became Queen of Rhiann at a young age, she never stopped her studies as a wizard. Taverns across Quarto are full of stories featuring Rhiannon sneaking out her castle to join adventuring parties and see how her subject lives to gain insight on her own rule.

She is a warlock, though the details of her arrangement with her Patron are known only to her.

She is, by all accounts, 124 years old. She credits her youthful looks to her mastery of magic and various artifacts that adventurers gave to her as gifts in celebration of her reign.


Rhiannon pushed the limits of her knowledge as a warlock to extend her life. She quietly seeks knowledge of lichdom to stay in power.

The human form of Rhiann taking an active hand in the politics of the Four Winds.

To satisfy her patron, she takes a lover every ten years, has a child and gives the child to the Patron.

Rhiannon I

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